Voices of Integrity

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A podcast about Voices Of Integrity for Business Owners - Employees

Specific Topics

1- Values - Hard Work Ethic

" Most People Think They Have A Strong Work Ethic, But Do They? "

Hard Work

What do you think?

Most people think they have a strong work ethic, but do they? What is work ethic? Do people look at work ethic in very different ways? Do different personalities view work ethic in different ways? 

Do we work hard physically? Mentally? Relationally? Spiritually? Emotionally? ... etc?

Talk with your ActionVISION coach about how you can internalize this lesson to assist you better achieve your personal and professional goals.

Audio Podcast

2- Dedication

" How important is being dedicated to the company we work with to our own success? What if we feel the company is not dedicated to us? What is dedication and how by being more dedicated will it help us, as employees, to achieve greater career success? "


What do you think?

Patty, Fred, Mark and Elise have a most interesting conversation in this podcast about the benefits each of them have had as employees in their career to dedication and how they believe it helps not just the individual employee but the entire team to see greater success.
Elise does a great job in connecting the dots to Hard Work + Dedication. Ask your ActionVISION about how to INTERNALIZE this lesson and how to understand The NEXT Dimension principle. When we understand both of these principles, we understand how to take Hard Work + Dedication to the next dimension, the next level and when we do that ... some amazing things happen in our mind and our career.  
Audio Podcast

The Next Dimension Principle

" Have you ever felt frustrated because others felt you weren't doing as good of a job as you thought you were? Do you ever feel that you're amazing and feel that others may not see you as you see yourself? "



When we understand the NEXT Dimension principle, we learn and grow faster and are a lot happier in life overall. When we get stuck in a current dimension we often struggle with depression as a result of not learning and growing and being all we could be. How do we make dimensional jumps in our career, in how we work and in our relationships?

Learn about this natural law and then look in areas of your life personally and professionally you would like to improve by making a dimensional jump. 
Audio Podcast
Once we set our mind to making a dimensional jump, we'll work harder and smart, we'll increase how much we care for ourselves and others and we'll increase our expectations of ourselves, systems we use as well as others around us ... AND ... we'll feel great about that.
Video Podcast

3- Commitment

" How committed are we to success in our careers? Do we understand what we need to do to achieve the success we desire? In today's society, there are many voices telling us that we're entitled to success without the work, without the sacrifice, and without taking risks. "



Do we, as employees or team members, expect our employer to be more committed to us than we are to the success of the company and those around us? As human beings, we tend to overvalue what we bring and undervalue our weaknesses and the contributions that others bring to the team.
If we commit to doing a project or changing a process, do we follow through and take ownership? 
Audio Podcast
Do we have the integrity to do what we say we will do? Are we committed enough to see what needs to be done before we're told and do critical things without being told?

How can Tom Kunz's "Claim Unclaimed Territory" story help you achieve your career success? When you read the white paper "Consistent & Committed" ~ click here ~ what do you think about what was shared in the white paper? How will you apply this to your career and life?
Video Podcast

4- Interalization ... The Secret To Success

" Would you like to learn faster? 
Would you like to see greater success in less time?   "



Imagine what would happen if we were to be told something once and we would do it. 

 What would our careers be like if we were to learn faster based on training our brain to think in a way that helps us to understand whatever we are seeking to learn and see the significance of what we are being taught and/or seeing ourselves?

Audio Podcast in Progress
When we learn the brain science of how brains are wired based on our personality and our passions ... our life vision, we will start to see things in a whole new light. We'll start to connect the dots as to the value of learning quickly and that will change ... well ... everything in all areas of life.
Video Podcast in Progress

5- Leadership

" What is leadership? Is leadership required for success in our careers? Is it true that we must first master leadership of ourselves before we can lead others? Are people observing us and are we influencing people without even knowing it? "



The Crazy Dancing Man video ~ click here ~ shares a lot of insights about leadership that few of us see. If we're not motivated to do something or to lead, what do we do? Think about self-discipline for just a moment. Is it a muscle in our brain, or how we think? If we're not motivated, consider learning how to activate our self-discipline muscles.
The Drive & Discipline white paper ~ click here ~ can change the way we think if we internalize what we read. 
Audio Podcast in Progress
When we learn how to "Think Different," we feel differently, our mental health improves, and we take actions that create success for those around us.

A big part of leadership is caring about others. What if you were to take notes and share your thoughts with co-workers, friends, and family about not only this podcast but all the podcasts? Would that help develop your ability to show you care, thereby enhancing your leadership skills?
Video Podcast in Progress

6- Problem Solver

" How strong of a problem solver do you believe you are? How could we become even stronger in our problem-solving skills? Do we tend to just point out problems, or do we always come up with at least two ideas and ideally six ways to solve that problem? "

Problem Solver


It seems that the best employees are amazing problem solvers and embrace 12 principles to become an amazing problem solvers. ~ click here ~
Think about it for a minute. Reflect on the previous podcasts and how you rated your commitment to personal success in your career. Consider how you rated your Work Ethic, how strong you thought your Dedication was, and how Committed you were to your own success and the success of the team. 
After considering this, if you wanted to take all of those along with your leadership abilities to the next dimension, do you think you would go through the 12 Problem-Solving podcasts ~ click here ~ on your own, without being asked, and share your thoughts with others on the team?
Audio Podcast in Progress
It's interesting, isn't it? How easy is it to say that we are strong in any of these areas? Maybe, just maybe, we know that we could take all these to the next dimension. Think about it—see, hear, and feel what you'll experience after you push yourself to improve and grow by going through the 12 podcasts on becoming a problem solver.

Talk to your ActionVISION coach and see if they would recommend that you join a live weekly 30-minute podcast and how that would fit into your personal and professional goals and dreams.
Video Podcast in Progress

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If you're asking HOW will Life GPS change your life forever? It's a great question. It's actually hard to put into words. In a car we use a GPS to get us from one location to another. Life GPS is like that for our life. It helps us first and foremost to better understand ourselves. It helps us to use our passions to achieve our full potential. It also helps us to help those around us to help them achieve their full potential. Join today and help others around us to do the same.

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