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Who Am I?

What Is Voices Of Integrity?

Imagine ... a life where you know "Who Am I" and you know your "Life Vision" why you were put on this planet.  Imagine ... a life where you could solve your biggest challenges / problems faster and have the life you desire.

Voices of Integrity is a community of people seeking to become our best selves and helping those around us to do the same.  

The Story Of Voices Of Integrity

In the movie Ford v Ferrari, Shelby talks about what his daddy shared with him about being the "luckiest man in the world" and never working a day in his life.  Shelby goes on to say ... "But there are some men ... and hell, I don't know if they are lucky or not, that have to do ..." 

Are you one of those types of people ... or do you want to be?  When we learn more about our personality and our passions, that changes everything.  Take this three minute personality survey and you'll be amazed!   

"Who Am I?"

Asking ourselves, "Who Am I" and "What Was I Put On This Planet To Do / Be?" may be the two most important questions to focus on.  

What do these two questions have to do with "Voices Of Integrity?"   Actually, everything!  See ... "Voices Of Integrity" is helping you to find your life vision.  Helping you to discover "Who Am I?" for yourself ... and then ... helping you to live your life with intention, purpose and integrity to become who you were created to be.  After you complete the 3 minute personality survey you can meet with someone to review your results.  Ask the person who does the review to share with you the 20 minute simple exercise of the Passion Circle which will help you discover your life vision. 

Business / Life X-Ray

Do you have a business / personal challenge ... problem ... something you would like solved?   Is there something ... anything ... professionally and/or personally you would love help on?  

What's interesting ... is that often, we as human beings have problems, we say we want solved, but ... if we're honest, we really don't.   If you do want to solve your challenge / problem, get what you really want in life, then for sure check out the Business / Life X-Ray.  It's crazy how powerful, helpful and overall amazing it is.  Oh ... and it's only $285, believe it or not.  


If we don't have integrity with ourselves first and foremost, we will never know "Who Am I" and/or be all that we were created to be.  How much integrity do we really have?  
  • DO what we SAY ~ Have many times do we SAY we are going to DO something only NOT to follow through? 
  • Respect Others ~ Do we show up a few minutes late for appointments?
  • Respect Ourselves ~ How frequently do we say ... "I should do ..." but then we do not follow through.

On-Line Learning

Do you ever get the feeling that you aren't living up to your full potential ... but ... aren't sure what to do about it?   
  • Step 1 ~ Take 3 minute personality survey?   ~ click here
  • Step 2 ~ Complete gift / free 30 minute Strategy Session
  • Step 3 ~ Determine best course to start with.


My name is Kenny Bontrager and I grew up in the Amish community in northern Indiana where I always had a passion for business.  When I saw a couple of Mark Boersma's videos, it was strange how they changed my life.  I never imagined that I would ever meet Mark, much less partner with him.  Without question, I have never met anyone like Mark.   What I think I admire most about him is that while he is an international speaker and author, serial entrepreneur, and a social entrepreneur, it is his business and life model's that are mind blowing.   Mark truly believes that he really is an average guy ... and anyone / everyone has been given a gift of life.  It's not what we have that matters as much as what we DO with what we have.

Explore Different Personalities

Do you feel you could earn a lot more money, work less hours, have less stress, and have a much more balanced life if you could just better understand yourself and those around you? What if you were to learn how to have a better response in challenging situations as well?

Personality Masteries is much more than a course, it is really a life-changing movement.

Why is it so powerful?

Would you like input on a biggest challenge you are current facing?