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Who is Voices of Integrity? We are Kenny Bontrager and Mark Boersma. Kenny grew up in the Amish community in Northern Indiana, where he always had a passion for business—the process of business and how to start a business.

Work has always fascinated him: why some people are great at business and others are not. Is it the people running it, or is it the type of business, or is it both? Now, growing up in the Amish community, I didn't go to college or any high-tech business school.
I started reading books, going to business conferences, etc. This was fun until I got overwhelmed with information. This person says you need to do this to be successful; the other person says you need to do the opposite to be successful. Okay, who do I believe now?
It wasn't until I met my business partner, Mark, until I really started seeing what makes a business successful, what the behind-the-scenes look is, and the different types of personalities of people. Now, Mark is an international speaker and author who has written several books, including his latest book.
Mark has traveled the world and met and worked with some of the people that run very large companies; he has even been to the White House.

Now, this caught my attention. When I found this out, I said to myself, "This guy has to have some knowledge on business and people," and sure enough, he did. You can have a business, but without a system, it's chaos, and that's where I was at the time—chaos. Sometimes stuff worked.
Sometimes, it didn't. Why? I didn't understand this until Mark introduced me to consistency and intentionality. Wow, did I ever learn! Then, I started seeing the picture of why some businesses succeed and others don't. The truth is, if I didn't apply what Mark taught me, it would have cost me years of pain, struggles, etc. That is our goal at VOICES OF INTEGRITY: to help you understand business, people, systems, etc., and most importantly, to find out who you are, what your strong points are, and what your weaknesses are.


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