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A podcast about Voices Of Integrity for Business Owners - Recruiting ~ Hiring & Development

Specific Topics

Hiring - A Passion For People ~ Part 1

" How passionate are you about people? When you first talk to someone who is interested can you see / feel / sense how special they are? Actually we're serious. Mark Boersma has been told by many people over the years that he is the best recruiter they have ever seen in the world.  "



He's interesting ... It's almost like he's learned how to see into the very soul of an individual and/or maybe see how / why they were created and how special they are.
Imagine ... being able to learn how to do that. If you could see something greater in every applicant than they see in themselves, what would that do to the success you would have in recruiting, hiring and the development of your employees?  
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Hiring - A Passion For People ~ Part 2

"So what did you think about Part 1? That one may take listening to a couple of times or maybe once every month? How do we SEE what Mark SEES? How do we FEEL about an applicant what Mark FEELS?"



Mark set the foundation in place for the first 3 minutes of the interview and how to get the applicant to become interested and curious and think "I've never experienced anything like this in my life before!" Mark then gives us insights into what future podcasts will be where after the 3 minutes of questions there are 11 minutes of questions and after that 16 minutes of questions.
The questions are a part of the magic. The other part is how we ask the questions and how well we listen and then internalize what the individual is sharing.

Audio Podcast
Did you write down the "4 Things To Deep Connections?"
   1. Understand Significance
   2. Crazy Curiosity
   3. Connect The Dots
   4. Paint The Picture
Here are some great questions which will help you in developing your level 1, 2 and 3 questions. ~ click here
Video Podcast

Life GPS is life changing!

Which of these four shapes would you tend to like the most? A cube, a pyramid, a wavy line or a ball? Which of these four things would cause you the most frustration in any area of life ... Out of Order, Out of Control, Boring / Not Fun, Conflict with others?

If you're asking HOW will Life GPS change your life forever? It's a great question. It's actually hard to put into words. In a car we use a GPS to get us from one location to another. Life GPS is like that for our life. It helps us first and foremost to better understand ourselves. It helps us to use our passions to achieve our full potential. It also helps us to help those around us to help them achieve their full potential. Join today and help others around us to do the same.

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