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A podcast about Voices Of Integrity for Business Owners - Coffee Connections

Specific Topics

1. What is Coffee Connections

" As a business owner what is your biggest challenger? IF someone ... anyone could help you in any area of your business what would you love help on? Do you ever get frustrated that you are working a lot more hours and earning less than you know you could be earning? "

Biggest Challenge


Weekly or monthly a handful or more of business owners will get together and hang out. We talk, connect, and share insights, stories, and ideas on how to build a more successful business. 

Our goal is to own a business rather than owning a job. Our goal is to learn how to put systems in place where our businesses will see the success we as business owners know it could achieve.
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2. Do you struggle with employees

" As a business owner, are you struggling with employees? Would you value systems which help you hire the best people, learn how to on-board them in the best possible way and then train, coach and mentor them to maximum profitability? "



Coffee Connection could be one of your most powerful tools in doing this.

Share this with other business owners you know. As we help others see success, they will help us see greater success. 

Together we can accomplish far more than we ever could on our own.

Audio Podcast
Video Podcast

3. The Power Of The People & System

" How do you get a who is a first time Coffee Connection attendee to tear up? You CARE! What's most amazing about Coffee Connection is that over half of the regular participants were away and this first time guest didn't know anyone who was present. "

Coffee Connections


But it's not just caring ... it's amazing systems, tools, and a process that helps business owners to understand better where they need assistance and how best to get that assistance. It's crazy how every business owner seeks to help every other business owner in not only referrals but also systems, hiring, and networks / connections.

Audio Podcast
If you have completed the Business X-Ray, for sure bring the results with you to get input from others on how you can achieve your WOW income goal and work the hours you desire.

This session is a GREAT session for those who aren't able to attend on what they can do to make a larger impact when they aren't able to attend.  
Video Podcast

Life GPS is life changing!

Which of these four shapes would you tend to like the most? A cube, a pyramid, a wavy line or a ball? Which of these four things would cause you the most frustration in any area of life ... Out of Order, Out of Control, Boring / Not Fun, Conflict with others?

If you're asking HOW will Life GPS change your life forever? It's a great question. It's actually hard to put into words. In a car we use a GPS to get us from one location to another. Life GPS is like that for our life. It helps us first and foremost to better understand ourselves. It helps us to use our passions to achieve our full potential. It also helps us to help those around us to help them achieve their full potential. Join today and help others around us to do the same.

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Specific Topics

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