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 What is Voices of Integrity? 

Voices of integrity is an online platform intended for entrepreneurs and self development.

 Who is behind Voices of Integrity?

KENNY BONTRAGER and MARK BOERSMA ~ click here for more information on Kenny ~ click here for more information on Mark ~

 What is the mission of Voices of Integrity?

The mission for Voices of Integrity is to help create a network of entrepreneurs; helping people with self development.

 Why would I want to be involved in Voices of Integrity?

  • Helping each other is very powerful, we can always accomplish more with one another then we can on our own.  
  • What is your personality? ~ click here for a 3 minute personality survey ~ What does your personality have to do with integrity?
  • ​What is your Life Vision? ~ click here to discover your life vision in 20 minutes.

 How can I get involved with Voices of Integrity?

Go to our contact page and contact us via email.

 What type of content can I expect to find on Voices of Integrity?

Entrepreneurial, motivation, business education & self development

 Is Voices of Integrity affiliated with any political or religious organizations?


 How does voices of Integrity make money?

Voices of Integrity makes money by doing business partnerships and also selling educational products.

 Can I earn money by partnering with Voices of Integrity?


 Is Voices of Integrity a non-profit organization?


 How can I support Voices of Integrity's mission?

  • ​Help yourself and gain value from VOI.
  • ​Care for two other people and Introduce VOI to those two individuals to bring value to them.
  • ​Live a life of integrity and help others around us to do the same.

 How can I refer it to someone?